How I Use Google Docs to Get an A on Every Test

This trick only really works under 2 conditions.  First, the professor has to have posted a study guide.  Second, the class cant be curved, otherwise no one will have any motivation to help you.

Here we go.

Step One:  Copy and Paste the study guide into a new google doc.  You may have to format it a little bit to make it look good.

Step Two: Set the sharing settings so that the document is public, or so that anyone who has the link can join.

Step Three:  Mass email everyone in your class the link to the google doc.  Give some motivating words like:
“Ok everyone! Finals are coming up so lets all team up and work on this study guide together.  If everyone fills out just the parts they know best, we can all get As.  Here is the link to the cooperative study guide.”

Step Four:  Watch the magic!

If your class isnt full of selfish douchebags, people will slowly start to fill out the information.  I have been doing this for about a year now, and in my experience, a few people will put of a few things right away, and then the study guide becomes a ghost town until a day or two before the test when everyone logs on and starts doing work.

This really does work.  Once people start filling it out, they will also correct errors that other people make.  And the best part is, if you started the document, then you are the moderator and you can kick people off who are just leachers, or who are messing with the info.

There is even a chat feature on google docs so you can talk to people in your class about the info there.



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